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About me

Hey loves! Welcome to our colorful corner of creativity! As a mom with a big dream and an even bigger love for helping others, I took a leap of faith and started this t-shirt wonderland. Our mission? Spreading smiles and knowledge one tee at a time, while sipping from our inspiring tumblers, of course! Catering to kids with a dash of education, we believe in empowering little minds with every design we craft. But it's not just about tiny tots, we're all about supporting fellow businesses too! I'm like a business detective, uncovering the secrets to success for other entrepreneurs, and helping them grow like sunflowers in spring! You know what they say, mother knows best! And I knew it was time to kick things into gear when my daughter shared her dream of becoming a fashion designer. So, this small side gig became a family affair! I'll start this business and watch her creativity bloom as she gets those oh-so-perfect ideas in things. It's like nurturing her entrepreneurial soul! Confession time: I was once clueless about designing, business jargon, and all that jazz. But hey, who needs a coach when you can become your own business cheerleader, right? It's been quite the adventure, and I'm beyond thrilled to embrace each day as an opportunity to learn, grow, and sprinkle a bit more magic into my business journey. Join us, and let's make this dream-filled ride together, where fun and inspiration collide in the most fabulous way! 

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